Southern Oregon Bookkeepers AssociationSouthern Oregon Bookkeepers Association (SOBA) is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to enhancing the education and networking resources of local bookkeepers and their clients.

As a Business Owner looking for a qualified professional, or as a motivated bookkeeper looking to enhance your professional standing, use the navigation tabs above and discover why coming to the SOBA website was a great idea!

Why Join…
Why risk falling behind?

In Oregon there are no required credentials to become a professional bookkeeper. As a result, many bookkeepers are under qualified or have low ethical standards.  Becoming a SOBA Bookkeeper gives your business credibility, showing that you have undergone our application process, including reference and background checks, and that you are supported by a group of your professional peers.  Membership sets you above your competition.

Is your bookkeeper a SOBA Member?

SOBA bookkeepers are known in the Rogue Valley for going above and beyond the industry standard.  We value continuing education, collaboration, and specialization in our field.  Bookkeeping is a diverse profession, with a great many areas to specialize in.  By networking with other SOBA members, we get greater access to our favorite projects by each referring those that are not the best fit to another member of specialty.  By using a SOBA bookkeeper, you can rest assured that you are working with a qualified professional that is supported by a group of industry peers.  As a result, we have happier bookkeepers and happier local businesses.

More Membership Levels

In addition to our Bookkeeping Members, we also have:

Affiliate Members – Professionals from other industries that want to network with local bookkeepers.  For only $50 per year, you may attend our meetings and have your logo on our Affiliates Page.

Intern Members – Bookkeepers who are new to the profession and do not yet have the references to support a full Bookkeeper Membership.  Fill out our Bookkeeping Member application without the references, and your $50 Intern Member fee will be applied to your Bookkeeping Member application fee when you are ready to upgrade.

Supporting Members – Thanks to our community for your support!  By supporting bookkeeping and business financial education you are creating healthier businesses and improving our local economy.