All approved uses of ANY Southern Oregon Bookkeepers Association (SOBA) Logo must conform to the following Logo usage restrictions:

Approved Purpose

Members of the Southern Oregon Bookkeepers Association are granted a limited license to use the appropriate Logo for that Member’s current membership status.  Members may use that Logo solely for the purposes of notifying clients or prospective clients, via Approved Materials and usages only, of the Member’s current, valid membership in the Southern Oregon Bookkeepers Association pursuant to this Agreement (“Approved Purpose”). No other use of SOBA Logos is permitted.

Approved Materials and Usage

a. Members in good standing may use the appropriate SOBA Logo for the Approved Purpose in all of the following instances (collectively, “Approved Materials”):

(i) Certain paper and electronic marketing materials for Members’ services, such as Member brochures and websites;

(ii) Certain advertising for Members’ services, such as display ads in newspapers, magazines and yellow pages;

(iii) On Member’s stationery and business cards; and

(iv) Apparel (e.g., shirts) for use solely by the Member

b. All such Approved Materials must also separately contain Member’s own name, company name, service name and/or trade name.

c. Members may NOT use the SOBA Logo in or on physical company signage or within company logos; however Members may display the appropriate logo in public view separate and apart from company signage, member name, company name, service or trade name displays.

d. Notwithstanding the above, Members may use the following identification line in plain text (not logo/graphic form) when printing a Member’s name on business cards, stationery, brochures, apparel, and website ONLY: “Jane Smith, Member of the Southern Oregon Bookkeepers Association.” However, such identification line CANNOT be used on or in connection with company signage, or company names or logo designs (including where such logo designs appear on other materials), or be incorporated into signage or company names/logos in any way.

e. Members may not under any circumstances use the SOBA Logos or any part thereof in the name of the Approved Materials themselves, or in the names of Member’s own products, services, or business, or use the SOBA Logos in any other nonapproved manner, including for promotional events, merchandise or signage, or to express or imply any endorsement or affiliation with SOBA beyond current membership status. Furthermore, the Member agrees that the Approved Materials will not contain any content that could be deemed by SOBA, in its sole judgment, to be obscene, violent or otherwise in poor taste or unlawful, or for the purpose of encouraging unlawful activities, or otherwise misuse or bring into dispute or disrepute the SOBA Logos, the SOBA trademark, any other SOBA Marks, or SOBA products or services. SOBA reserves the right to object to unfair uses or misuses of SOBA Marks and to hold the Member in breach of this Agreement for any such unfair uses or misuses in SOBA’s sole discretion.

Design Requirements

When reproducing a SOBA Logo design, the only modification that is allowed is to resize the Logo design in exact proportion to its original height and width. No re-sampling or other attempted duplication is allowed and no alteration, modification, cropping, or addition to the Logo is permitted. The Logo as supplied by SOBA cannot be “violated” or touched by any other text or graphics in any way. The proportion of the Logo should remain consistent. Stretching, condensing, distorting or otherwise altering the Logo is prohibited. The Logo may not be placed on backgrounds with insufficient contrast, photos or illustrations, strong patterns or texture.